Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tired of The Briefing mini-newspaper and phonebooks?

The Dallas Morning News started delivering a mini-newspaper called The Briefing some months back in a new marketing attempt to appeal to young people (because Baby Boomers will let you have their daily paper and coffee when you pry it from their cold, dead hands, according to a recent Modern Marvels entitled Retro Tech).

The delivery subcontractors for The Briefing have the throwing skills of a drunken robot with a few too many broken servos. Most of these things end up as mini-speed bumps. I even saw one paper stuck to a dew-moistened, high-angled hood of a mini-van across the street. Whether these things are actually getting to your sidewalk or lawn, they're really piling up everywhere.

The Dallas Morning News has evidently relented and is giving us a way to feel better about their litter. If you call 214-977-8333 and give them your address, they'll theoretically stop delivering The Briefing to your home.

To stop the phonebooks from piling up, try this:

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